Re: Animated test flag

> Hey,
> There are a number of animated tests within the testsuite that are
> animated:
> background-animated-001 (Hixie)
> background-position-201 (Hixie)
> cursor-024 (Hixie)
> floats-137 (Hixie)
> text-decoration-059 (MS)
> text-decoration-060 (MS)


There are several others with text-decoration: blink

and then



> floats-137 should, in theory, be doable as a reftest. However, even
> keeping it as it is now (i.e., non-self-describing) and converting it is
> non-trivial due to AA differences in all browsers between the test and
> reference.
> The others are specifically testing animation, so the animation there is
> unavoidable. I'd like to propose an "animated" flag for these tests, as
> it effectively makes them impossible to automate using either reftests
> or screenshot-result key-value pairs, and it'd be nice to make it
> possible to get a list of automatable tests from the metadata alone.

I agree with and support your "animated" flag proposal.

regards, Gérard
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