Animated test flag


There are a number of animated tests within the testsuite that are animated:

background-animated-001 (Hixie)
background-position-201 (Hixie)
cursor-024 (Hixie)
floats-137 (Hixie)
text-decoration-059 (MS)
text-decoration-060 (MS)

floats-137 should, in theory, be doable as a reftest. However, even 
keeping it as it is now (i.e., non-self-describing) and converting it is 
non-trivial due to AA differences in all browsers between the test and 

The others are specifically testing animation, so the animation there is 
unavoidable. I'd like to propose an "animated" flag for these tests, as 
it effectively makes them impossible to automate using either reftests 
or screenshot-result key-value pairs, and it'd be nice to make it 
possible to get a list of automatable tests from the metadata alone.

Geoffrey Sneddon  Opera Software

Received on Saturday, 25 September 2010 21:36:05 UTC