Re: RC1 : 1st preliminary review report: list of 69 incorrect testcases

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>> "
>> (...) Documents that do not specify default scripting language
>> information and that contain elements that specify an intrinsic event
>> script are incorrect. (...)
>> "
>> If default script language is not provided, then how is an user agent
>> going to be sure/to know in advance that this inline script is
>> "text/javascript" media type and that other one over somewhere else is
>> "text/vbscript" media type? That is why, I believe, default scripting
>> language should be specified in case of inline script.
> I do not think that holding up the CSS 2.1 test suite against HTML4 for
> scrutiny is a good use of our time.


I do not scrutinize the colossal mass of testcases looking for mere
HTML4 issues (unless they have or may have or can have an undeniable
effect on the pass/fail condition of the testcases). I examine the
testcases looking for serious problems and for HTML/CSS/DOM problems or
issues which can have an impact on the pass/fail condition of the

> HTML4 is not what is being
> implemented
> by the implementors we want to pass the CSS 2.1 test suite.

My original point 14- [1] was about duplicated id in those testcases -
many testcases - and that those testcases were relying on a script
function being able to iterate through the collection of same, identical
id-ed elements ... which is not an assured thing to happen.

The other points were presented as "other smaller problems" which could
be fixed at the same time. My perspective is: if you are going to update
a testcase (furthermore a batch of testcases; there are 208 testcases on
table-anonymous-objects !), why not fix at the same time all of the
[admittedly] smaller issues which are fixable and which were defined in
the wiki wrt test format [2] and in CSS2.1 Test Case Authoring
Guidelines (section 3.4) [3]? With an advanced text editor, it is very
easy to make changes/updates to a batch of testcases.


regards, Gérard
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