RE: CSS2.1 Test Suite Build RC 1

Hi All,

Thanks for the new test suite!

I have two things:

1) The files: 


doesn't look correct to me, it contains:
The XHTML file  /*<![CDATA[*/ ... /*]]>*/ contains a syntax error and could not be parsed.

2) It would be very nice (and helpful for me) if there was a flag which indicates that the test requires JavaScript (like border-dynamic-002.xht and many run-in-... and table-anonymous-... tests)

Best Regards,
Robert Stam
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> Sorry for the delay; it took me longer than I expected to address all
> of Gérard's comments on hixie and bzbarsky's tests.
> I've just posted a build of the test suite:
> And there's a zip available as well:
> This is built off SVN revision 1465. Let me know if there's anything
> obviously broken and I'll respin. I'll put together release notes
> later today.
> ~fantasai

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