Several Microsoft testcases need corrections, tuning

Hello all,


The test assertion of such testcases say

"The property 'display' set to 'inline-block' behaves in layout as an
inline block."

but there is no such thing as an inline block. I suggested and suggest
to replace this with

"The property 'display' set to 'inline-block' is formatted in layout as
an inline replaced element."

or with

"The property 'display' set to 'inline-block' formatted in layout as an
inline-level replaced element."



has been updated but

which I mentioned in

has not been updated.



I have a 17 inches monitor screen. If "Floated element" is below or above
"Filler Text" just by a few pixels, say 2px or 4px, then there is no way
I am going to notice this. Imagine the people with much wider monitor

The pass/fail condition of the testcase is not necessarly easy to figure
out. The testcase could be improved to avoid all this.



The test assert says: "When 'margin-left' and 'margin-right' are set to
auto and the element has a 'width' then the box will be centered."

but it should be saying

"When 'margin-left' and 'margin-right' are set to auto and the
element has a 'width' then the box will be centered within the edges of
its containing block."

The bit about centering inside the containing block is very important.
Often, beginner and intermediate web authors miss that part which
relates to the containing block.
The spec mentions "with respect to the edges of the containing block."

There are lots of other testcases which, I believe, deserve tuning and
tweaking of this sort.

regards, Gérard
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