Re: review of bzbarsky's self-describing tests

On 05/14/2010 02:55 PM, Boris Zbarsky wrote:
> On 5/14/10 5:34 PM, fantasai wrote:
>> I can't tell what dynamic-top-changes-004.xht is trying to test.
>> It's very similar to dynamic-top-changes-002.xht, but not quite,
>> and the assertion is completely wrong.
> Aha. Yes, fixed. 003 had a problem here similar to 002, actually, I
> fixed that too. I also updated the asserts on 002, 003, 004 to better
> match reality.
>> I'm also having trouble figuring out what the intention of
>> dynamic-top-changes-005.xht is in its differences from
>> dynamic-top-changes-001.xht.
> Ah. As I recall the key is whether the grandparent is abs pos or rel
> pos. I've updated the assertions for the two tests to make that clearer.
> The rest of the differences are just dealing wit the fact that
> #grandparent is now abspos, various other styles are needed on the body
> and on the body > p to make things actually line up correctly and for
> the text to show up. And since the font-size is 0, the test has to use
> pixel top instead of em.
> Take another look and let me know whether things are clearer now?

Yes, thanks. :) I tweaked the titles a bit and shifted them into approved/.


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