Re: Several Microsoft testcases need corrections, tuning

> 3-
> positioning-float-002.htm
> I have a 17 inches monitor screen. If "Floated element" is below or
> above
> "Filler Text" just by a few pixels, say 2px or 4px, then there is no way
> I am going to notice this. Imagine the people with much wider monitor
> screen.
> The pass/fail condition of the testcase is not necessarly easy to figure
> out. The testcase could be improved to avoid all this.

{(...) if the "Floated element" below is all on the same line as the
"Filler Text".}


Please forget about this one. When I resize the browser viewport, I can
easily compare the baselines of each chunks of text. ... Or maybe the
test should suggest this to verify/check this out.

regards, Gérard
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