Adding @type to alternate links to Hixie's tests


I had a discussion with fantasai in #css-test last night about dealing 
with the fact that in the built copy of the CSS 2.1 testsuite the 
alternate link in the tests imported from Hixie become incorrect in the 
case where Hixie has both a HTML and an XHTML copy himself. (E.g., an 
HTML 4.01 copy in the CSS 2.1 testsuite bears only an alternate link to 
Hixie's XHTML copy, and not to his HTML one.)

The basic conclusion was to add a type attribute to the link element, 
and link to all alternates that Hixie has of each test.

The attached patch resolves this for all currently approved tests (all 
of which merely add a type attribute, as none of these tests has 
multiple copies on I will later send a patch that deals with 
all those in contributors/hixie.

Geoffrey Sneddon  Opera Software

Received on Tuesday, 20 July 2010 15:57:13 UTC