My Test Results: Firefox 3.0.10

they list. Tests 40,42,44,45 are all red, no green at all. Test 48 shows
red not green, but is clear after that. 49 is clear but shows red. 51
fails in the same way. 57 Nothing is green even after highlighting,
though I am not sure what the desired result was. 89 has red in the
examples. Tests 91,93,95,97 all fail. 103 and 104 both fail. 107 also
fails. 138 the whole test div is green backgrounded. 139 selecting
everything made them still look different. Tree on the right is in
crosshairs, on the left, nothing. 141 the border changes color but not
the selection. 171,173,174,176 fail.
Jerod Lycett
Arenlor Productions
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Received on Thursday, 28 May 2009 06:44:17 UTC