16 new tests submitted (namely 6 max-* and 7 text-align tests)

Hello all,

Today, I have submitted some 16 new, additional tests (16 tests in HTML
format and the same 16 ones in XHTML 1.1 format).

1 :focus pseudo-class test (in relation with adjacent sibling selector)
6 max-height (in relation with overflow, float, space taken by
scrollbar) tests, all coming from Hilbrand Edskes
1 min-height (in relation with overflow, space taken by scrollbar) test
from Hilbrand Edskes
7 text-align tests (in relation with inheritance and table-cell)
1 white-space test coming from Justin Boss

Regarding min-* and max-* tests, it must be said that some browsers (in
particular Konqueror 4.x) have the area around scrollbar arrows
transparent and not opaque silver color. So, sometimes the background
color of a parent block may shine through in around the scrollbar arrows
of a child. That is why the expected results of some tests may say "no
red square" or "no red rectangle" instead of just "no red".

I also dropped the expression "visible scrolling mechanism" and also
dropped the expression "panner" (as a scrolling mechanism) and only
spoke of "active scrollbar(s)" or "inactive scrollbar(s)" since the
CSS 2.1 Conformance Test Suite, Uncommon Assumptions
clearly state "The device is interactive and uses scroll bars." .

I have also tweaked, tuned the wording of several other tests.

A few more tests are coming.

regards, Gérard Talbot

Received on Sunday, 6 December 2009 03:52:26 UTC