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Scrollbars, olive color, maximum viewport width

From: Gérard Talbot <css21testsuite@gtalbot.org>
Date: Sat, 5 Dec 2009 13:07:54 -0800
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Hello all,

1- Scrollbar(s) versus scrolling mechanism

In test

it is written:

PREREQUISITE: User agent needs to support scrollbars as the scrolling
mechanism. If it does not then this test case does not apply to this
user agent.

but in CSS 2.1 Conformance Test Suite
Uncommon Assumptions
it is written:

The device is interactive and uses scroll bars.

so the PREREQUISITE text can be removed.

Some other tests (eg
) mention "active scrolling mechanism" instead of scrollbar.

I am working on tests which involve overflow, scrolling, scrollbars,
etc. and I wonder if we should not standardize the wording regarding

Why it should be required to speak of active and visible scrollbar(s)
(or scrolling mechanism) when referring to test involving possible

Active and inactive: should we use such distinction? I think so. At
least, when the test may involve scrollbar and/or scrolling and is being

Speaking of visible scrollbar is not useful since its opposite
(invisible scrollbar) is not useful in a test.

Which scrollbar? horizontal scrollbar, vertical scrollbar, scrollbars. I
think when suitable, test result should identify which scrollbar(s).

Finally, (nitpick) scrollbar should be an one word; not "scroll bar".

2- olive as a named color keyword

CSS 2.1 Conformance Test Suite
Common Assumptions

The device can display the sixteen color values associated with the
color keywords black, white, gray, silver, red, green, blue, purple,
yellow, orange, teal, fuchsia, maroon, navy, aqua, and lime as distinct

but olive is a named [reserved] color keyword and there are 17 of them,
not 16.

CSS 2.1, 4 Syntax and basic data types, Section 4.3.6 Colors

3- Maximum viewport width?

There is a minimum viewport width.

"The device has a viewport width of at least 640px (approx)."

Should there be a maximum viewport width assumed?
Thanks to Hilbrand Edskes, I realized that some tests involving
overflowing document width box may fail if browser window is maximized
and if the implicit maximum window viewport width is assumed to be under

regards, Gérard Talbot
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