2 more tests submitted from gtalbot.org; 2 ruler images; filenames format

Hello all,

2 more tests to the CSS 2.1 test suite:

Background-position and ex unit: test 1 and 2

All the tests are available (in HTML 4 and XHTML 1.1), downloadable,
reviewable from


These 2 tests required the use of 2 ruler images currently not available,
not included in the support directory. I hereby submit them to be added in
the support directory:




both of them are available and downloadable from



I believe there should be 2x2 color swatches available from the support
directory. The reason is that 1x1 is rather thin, small when making a
(horizontal | vertical) rule.


I have renamed the filenames of all my submitted testcases according to


Hopefully these filenames now conform perfectly with the requirements.

regards, Gérard

Received on Monday, 31 August 2009 00:36:19 UTC