Re: 2 more tests submitted from (more interactive tests)

Hello Gabriele,

> You can make these tests on font properties interactive/dynamic by
> displaying the word 'passed' only when the style is actually computed by
> using getComputedStyle() or alternatively, the css() method of the jQuery
> library.

Well, I wish tests would remain as simple and reduced as possible. Formal,
clear too. For browser manufacturers, this is best too.
I am using "Nth test passed" in

One interesting unique aspect of the test
is that, despite not supporting font system reserved names
, Konqueror 4.2.4 is able to pass t1508-font-11.html test. The font-size
is properly, correctly parsed and rendered: no red viewable.

> this suite actually needs more interactive tests.

Can you elaborate more on what you may be seeing or meaning with
interactive tests?
I may agree with you. If such interactive tests are tutorial-like and can
be useful for conveying how properties work, then IMHO they could be
included in the CSS 2.1 test suite, otherwise they should be available
from inside the CSS 2.1 spec itself. Interactive demo can help understand
how CSS properties work or interact with each others.. What I have in mind
here is some kind of test like this:
(not perfect, not ideal... but just giving a general idea here)

Every single code examples given in CSS 2.1 spec. should be available
somewhere, testable in a webpage, for ordinary, human web authors... A
spec can be a very dry thing to read; an interactive well-designed demo,
webpage-test-example may be something that one can bookmark and remember
for a long time... Same thing with a schematic picture explaining, showing
respective concepts (eg: the CSS box model) and how they relate to each

Unless I'm wrong, there are only 3 typical properties naturally involving
user interaction in CSS 2.1, which would require interactivity: :hover,
:focus and :active

best web-standards-regards, Gérard Talbot

Received on Wednesday, 19 August 2009 20:22:32 UTC