Re: CSS Namespaces Module Test Suite

Anne van Kesteren wrote:
> Hi,
> I created a set of tests for the CSS Namespaces Module and reported bugs 
> on Opera and Firefox for the failures they each had. Unless someone 
> beats me to it I will probably take a look at Safari next week when I 
> have access to my MacBook again.
> I checked the tests into

Other tests needed:

   "A URI string parsed from the URI syntax must be treated as a
    literal string: as with the STRING syntax, no URI-specific
    normalization is applied."

   So a couple good tests here would be
     - comparing http://... in the source with HTTP://..., in the style
     - comparing .com in the source with .COM in the style sheet
     - comparing a straight URL with one that has URI (%) escapes in it

   "All strings—including the empty string and strings representing
    invalid URIs—are valid namespace names in @namespace declarations."

   This can't be tested by matching because XML namespaces must be URIs,
   but it can be tested by not-matching: overwriting a matching @namespace
   declaration with a non-matching one that has invalid URI characters
   in it (like "<>" or something).

   "If a namespace prefix or default namespace is declared more than
   once only the last declaration shall be used."

   Multiple declarations probably deserves its own explicit test.

   "The prefix of a qualified name may be omitted to indicate that the
   name belongs to no namespace, i.e. that the namespace name part of
   the expanded name has no value."

   Need a test for this one as well.

   "To form a qualified name in CSS syntax, a namespace prefix that
   has been declared within scope is prepended to a local name (such
   as an element or attribute name), separated by a "vertical bar"
   (|, U+007C)."

   Should have a test that makes sure an escaped | is not recognized
   as the namespace prefix separator.


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