Adding additional tests to an existing test case

Re: CSS2.1-test-suite/raw-tests/css1tests/css1test543.xml
(t1504-c543-txt-decor-00-d-g.htm in the built HTML 4.01 version)

Currently, the CSS2.1 text-decoration test case does not test all the
various constraints that affect whether or not the decorations apply,
specifically where floating and absolutely positioned elements are involved.

I would like to see such test cases incorporated.

What is the best way to do this?  Is it better to submit a completely new
test or to suggest changes to an existing test and classify it as a "fix"
for the existing test?  I can post a small diff against the CVS file that
adds these test cases.

Would doing the latter mean I could avoid having to fill out any permission
granting forms (which could incur a long, local, admin overhead?)

Stewart Brodie
Software Engineer
ANT Software Limited

Received on Wednesday, 9 January 2008 13:42:49 UTC