Re: MWI Test Harness for CSS

Berfanger, David wrote:
> Thanks to fantasai for opening this thread.
> I am said volunteer from HP.
> Since the initial wish list, one change and one addition to the
> wish list have been requested/discussed:
> The change to the list is to use <object> rather than <iframe>
> to contain the test and pass/fail buttons;

To contain the test. The pass-fail buttons need to be outside the
<object> or they won't show up. :)

Tantek pointed to the CSS1 test suite pages as an example:
The <object> contains a link to the tests, so if the UA doesn't
support <object> the link is offered as a fallback.

We can replace the link navigation at the top with the pass/fail
buttons. (I can create a flat file database that will provide
the test title and any other metadata that's necessary: I don't
want the harness to depend on parsing the tests themselves.)

I've loaded the wishlist into the wiki:
Let me know if I missed anything. (Or you can edit it yourself. ;)

> The addition to the list is to offer editable text fields, so
> test results can be entered for tests that were conducted on user
> agents that differ from the one being used to enter the test data.
> Also, the new test harness will need a database/php server similar
> to the Mobile Web Initiative.
> Can Dominique, or anyone else, help with setting this up?
> Finally, I'm taking suggestions on how best to collaborate on this
> development effort, in addition to posting to this public mailing
> list.

Well, you can post sample output here for template critiques. For
the code itself, it would be good to get it into a publicly-accessible
VCS repository. Dominique can probably set you up with CVS.


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