CSS2.1 TS Format Change: Test Titles

I'm changing the CSS2.1 Test Suite's templates to use
   "CSS Test:"
instead of
   "CSS 2.1 Test Suite:"
in the <title>. This is to make it easier to import tests from
one test suite to another (e.g. from CSS2.1 to CSS3 X). The goal
is to have a system that imports tests when the build scripts
are run -- the advantage of this over copying the test to the
CSS3 source directory is that tests don't get out of sync when

We will continue to accept tests with the old title format: it's
very easy for me to make the change on my end.

(Or you can do it yourself with a perl one-liner. Type
   perl -pi -e 's/<title>CSS 2.1 Test Suite:/<title>CSS Test:/' *
on the command line in your test directory.)


Received on Monday, 21 April 2008 18:33:25 UTC