MWI Test Harness for CSS

Thanks to fantasai for opening this thread.

I am said volunteer from HP.

Since the initial wish list, one change and one addition to the wish list have been requested/discussed:

The change to the list is to use <object> rather than <iframe> to contain the test and pass/fail buttons;

The addition to the list is to offer editable text fields, so test results can be entered for tests that were conducted on user agents that differ from the one being used to enter the test data.

Also, the new test harness will need a database/php server similar to the Mobile Web Initiative.

Can Dominique, or anyone else, help with setting this up?

Finally, I'm taking suggestions on how best to collaborate on this development effort, in addition to posting to this public mailing list.

Received on Tuesday, 22 April 2008 01:21:43 UTC