New print test release

I need to do a new test release for print tests, mainly to get the tests
with headers and the corrected tests posted on the W3 site.
I'm wondering where the print-specific tests should live.

*	    Add an additional format to the Test/CSS2.1 and
Test/CSS3/Selectors directories

	*	.xhp suffix for xhtml printable versions? 
	*	these are all I care about, but others may want a
printable version for html as well...? .htp?

*	    Put them under Test/Print

	*	This was initially intended as a test suite for
CSS-Print, which would only include putting a subset of tests into
printable versions.
	*	Could expand this directory to essentially mirror the
Selectors, 2.1, and eventual css3 tests, and change the documentation to
be for general print testing, then link that to CSS-Print specific
documentation and report template.

*	    Split the 2.1 tests into xhtml, html, print-friendly xhtml,
print-friendly html directories; add print-friendly dirs for Selectors.
*	    ???



Melinda S. Grant	
Connectivity Strategist
Imaging & Printing Group

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Received on Thursday, 19 July 2007 20:49:31 UTC