images of test results

I was thinking of how frustating it was that it is difficult to talk  
about the results of running some of these tests. One can try to  
verbally describe what is seen, but that is difficult.

But then I realized I had solved my own problem. In running these  
tests, I snap an image of the canvas and put it aside. One of the  
scripts I have takes the database of those image data URIs and  
generates a directory of web pages which shows exactly the results I  
saw at the time I saw them.

Some of the images have problems because of a bug in Firefox, which  
appears to have fixes checked in as of now. The reftest image got  
snapped before background images were fully loaded and so some of the  
tests which say "there should be no red" do show some red. This is  
being tracked in

So, without further ado:

Really, I put these up so that I can refer to them in bugs, but if  
anyone wants to glance at them, feel free. They may not be there  

thanx - ray

Received on Tuesday, 3 July 2007 18:29:54 UTC