Re: DIV overflow property

Bruno Melloni wrote:
> First, are overflow:auto and overflow:scroll part of the CSS standard,
> or are they "extras" provided by vendors?  I thought that it was part of
> CSS, but I was told by a Mozilla developer that it was part of "quirk
> mode"

Whoa.  What I _said_ was part of quirks mode was the treatment of "height: 100%" 
on a node whose parent has auto height.

> Fourth, I imagine that whoever replies to this question will be a peer
> with better knowledge of the standard than me, not an official W3C
> representative.  Is there any way to get an "official" answer as to what
> the standard is trying to say?  I ask because if Microsoft and Mozilla
> can't agree on an interpretation, the standard must obviously not be
> 100% clear in this area.

As I stated in the mail to you that you mention, IE's behavior is clearly buggy, 
since the height of the div in IE depends on the value of the "overflow" 
property.  The standard is pretty clear that the height does NOT depend on the 
value of "overflow".


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