Misplaced Tests in Impl Report.

These notes are taken off the /full/ tests for the 20040510 testsuite 
tests themselves

XML vs XML w NS is determined solely from the "XHTML Full" test list, 
which says in it "UA must support namespaces for this test" if thats not 
there, assumed to be both XML and XML w NS.

I am sure some of these tests do not belong in XML for instance 
(:checked as on example) though I am basing this list off the impl 
report itself, and what _is in_ the tests.   These fixes will be part of 
my submitted Impl report to Hixie.

XML (does not belong):
    'type' ~ test 182  (listed as namespace needed)
    universal '*' ~ test 3 (listed as namespace needed)
    :not ~ test 174b (listed as namespace needed)
HTML (does not belong):
    ~All Belong~

HTML (missing):
    test 39c (:first-letter with ::before)  [to stick in ::before]
    test 68 (:not)
    test 69 (:not)

~~Getting Tired, will finish report later tonight  or tomorrow Day~~

~Justin Wood

Received on Wednesday, 26 May 2004 01:30:27 UTC