CSS Selectors

Copying over here since no reply yet on www-style, (I sure hate 
crossposting though)

Justin Wood wrote:

> Hello,
> does anyone know of an updated IMPL report tenplate for 
> CSS3-selectors, the one on W3C is from the 200309?? release (can't 
> recall day of month top of my head), the newest test-suite is much 
> newer than that.
> (Also test 19 for :active is not listed in that report and should be)
> I was beginning the update myself, then realized that to do such 
> without an easy way to tell xml with namespaces against just plain xml 
> it would be much more work than I really *should* have to do...if 
> there is not *any* updated impl reports, I guess I will be forced to 
> create a new one though.
> Thanks.
> ~Justin Wood

Received on Monday, 17 May 2004 22:33:24 UTC