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[Bug 29603] New: client* on the root element are not very consistent (Friday, 29 April)

[Bug 29598] New: Replace <shape-arg> with <length-percentage> (Wednesday, 27 April)

[Bug 29533] Add 'Security Considerations' and 'Privacy Considerations' sections (Tuesday, 26 April)

[Bug 29595] New: Clarification of behavior of CSSOM font serialized read value (Monday, 25 April)

[Bug 29594] New: Clarification of font-variant-ligatures CSSOM serialized read values (Monday, 25 April)

[Bug 29591] New: Consider returning container element if hit testing founds a text node in element*FromPoint (Monday, 25 April)

[Bug 17812] :read-write should always apply to input elements if @readonly doesn't apply (Wednesday, 20 April)

[Bug 29580] New: MouseEvent.screen{X,Y} leaks window location (Wednesday, 20 April)

[Bug 29579] New: "The width attribute must return the width of th..." (Wednesday, 20 April)

[Bug 29578] New: "The availHeight attribute must return the avail..." (Wednesday, 20 April)

[Bug 29519] Consider specifying MouseEvent#toElement, fromElement (Wednesday, 20 April)

[Bug 29577] New: "The screenX attribute must return the x-coordin..." (Tuesday, 19 April)

[Bug 29567] New: Unclear why origin and referrer are set differently (Saturday, 9 April)

[Bug 29566] New: Specify insertRule('@import ...', 0) loading (Friday, 8 April)

[Bug 29562] New: Define Range.getClientRects() when the range contains part of a grapheme cluster, a surrogate pair, or a ligature (Thursday, 7 April)

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