[Bug 29566] Specify insertRule('@import ...', 0) loading


--- Comment #1 from Simon Pieters <simonp@opera.com> ---
>From rune:

> what makes me uncertain is that the loading import blocks the main
> sheet from being applied in when the @import is parsed as part of the
> <style> element. You have three scenarios if you're inserting the
> style element after you applied style to your document the first time
> and there are no other sheets blocking.
> 1. Insert <style>@import url; ...</style>
> 2. Insert <style>...</style>, insert @import
> 3. Insert <style>...</style>, re-apply style, insert @import
> for the first case, the loading @import blocks application of the rest
> of the <style> element. Gecko and Blink agrees on that.

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