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[Bug 16156] New: (editorial) link <position> to the definition in css3-background (Tuesday, 28 February)

[Bug 16145] New: CSSOM for pos-flex, neg-flex and preferred-size (Tuesday, 28 February)

[Bug 16144] New: transitions with flex:0 (Tuesday, 28 February)

[Bug 16143] New: Consider 'display:flexbox-item' (Monday, 27 February)

[Bug 16141] New: Add "Canonical Order" fields to all the propdef tables for flexbox (Monday, 27 February)

[Bug 16123] New: Cleanup style and markup of spec (Sunday, 26 February)

[Bug 16122] New: Automatically reversing transitions and multiple transition-delays (Saturday, 25 February)

[Bug 16121] New: Request for more complex easing functions e.g. bounce effects (Saturday, 25 February)

[Bug 16120] New: Animations' precedence over transitions (Saturday, 25 February)

[Bug 16119] New: [9.5.1 Floats] How nested floats with one zero-height margin box should be rendered (Saturday, 25 February)

[Bug 16117] New: (editorial) typo s/<extent>/<size> in the description of radial-gradient() (Saturday, 25 February)

[Bug 16116] New: Term 'intrinsic style' not defined (Friday, 24 February)

[Bug 16115] New: Animation sandwich model does not consider CSS3 Transitions and SMIL Animations (Friday, 24 February)

[Bug 16114] New: Contributing of SVG Animations to the animation sandwich module (Friday, 24 February)

[Bug 16113] New: How horizontal margins of a BFC block adjacent to a floated block should be rendered (Friday, 24 February)

[Bug 16112] New: Address security concern with automatic shape extractions for images (Friday, 24 February)

[Bug 16111] New: drop use of DOMStringList (Friday, 24 February)

[Bug 16109] New: outline-offset is listed as integer, but should be length (Friday, 24 February)

[Bug 16085] New: (editorial) typo in the Changes section (Thursday, 23 February)

[Bug 16082] New: Sandwich model graphic should use 'CSS Animation' (Wednesday, 22 February)

[Bug 16072] New: Margin collapsing: clarification needed as to where a collapsed margin manifests itself (Wednesday, 22 February)

[Bug 16064] New: perspective-origin syntax should match 2D transform-origin syntax (Tuesday, 21 February)

[Bug 15797] Computed value for 'transform' should be "As specified" again (Tuesday, 21 February)

[Bug 16062] New: Behavior for out-of-range values needs to be defined (Tuesday, 21 February)

[Bug 16055] New: (editorial) update links from to (Tuesday, 21 February)

[Bug 16050] New: (editorial) keyword values should not be quoted (Tuesday, 21 February)

[Bug 16049] New: Margin collapsing: clarification needed to Note in 10.7 (min-height and max-height) (Monday, 20 February)

[Bug 16048] New: Grid positions should cascade atomically (Monday, 20 February)

[Bug 16047] New: Move the grid-template property to a section where "defining the grid" is discussed (Monday, 20 February)

[Bug 16046] New: Grid-row and grid-column are too similar to grid-rows and grid-columns (Monday, 20 February)

[Bug 16045] New: Clarify interactions between the grid-template property and the other grid positioning properties (Monday, 20 February)

[Bug 16044] New: Correct issues (or at least document them) for auto-placement when grid-flow is not none (Monday, 20 February)

[Bug 16043] New: Consider allowing negative spans, row and column specifications as outlined in this thread (Monday, 20 February)

[Bug 16042] New: Remove auto keyword as synonym for fit-content (Monday, 20 February)

[Bug 16041] New: Update spec text regarding grid-template and writing-mode sensitivity (Monday, 20 February)

[Bug 16038] New: Better define what constitutes a valid cell name in the template (Monday, 20 February)

[Bug 16037] New: Margin collapsing: unintuitive collapsing between last child and auto-height, large min-height parent (Monday, 20 February)

[Bug 16036] New: Margin collapsing: pathalogical collapsing behaviour for auto-height, non-zero min-height elements (Issue 211) (Monday, 20 February)

[Bug 16033] New: Stacking contexts: incorrect edit made to 9.9.1 (Monday, 20 February)

[Bug 14143] Selectors Level 3 - E:javascript AND E:not(:javascript) (Sunday, 19 February)

[Bug 16024] New: should some/all of the prose on transitioning gradients be deferred? (Saturday, 18 February)

[Bug 16023] New: CSS3 Image and element() with 3D transforms? (Saturday, 18 February)

[Bug 15797] Computed value for 'transform' should be "As specified" again (Friday, 17 February)

[Bug 15797] Computed value for 'transform' should be "As specified" again (Friday, 17 February)

[Bug 15797] Computed value for 'transform' should be "As specified" again (Friday, 17 February)

[Bug 16016] New: Place some constraints on when computed values must be deemed to change (Friday, 17 February)

[Bug 15797] Computed value for 'transform' should be "As specified" again (Friday, 17 February)

[Bug 16007] New: align values: start/end vs. before/after (Thursday, 16 February)

[Bug 16003] New: CSSTransformValue is defined, but there's no way to get one (Thursday, 16 February)

[Bug 16002] New: flow-into and anonymous blocks or fix-ups (Thursday, 16 February)

[Bug 15976] New: 'perspective-origin' missing in Introduction (Monday, 13 February)

[Bug 15971] New: (purely editorial) avoid fragment ids of the form #ltxxx (Monday, 13 February)

[Bug 15964] New: Behavior on invalid arguments for CSSMatrix underspecified (Monday, 13 February)

[Bug 15960] New: Notation of decomposing code unspecified (Sunday, 12 February)

[Bug 15959] New: Use 3x2 CSSMatrix beside, or just 4x4 CSSMatrix? (Saturday, 11 February)

[Bug 15958] New: Remove links to SVG Transforms (Saturday, 11 February)

[Bug 15957] New: Duplication of data type specification (Saturday, 11 February)

[Bug 15955] New: Replace <x-angle> and <y-angle> by <angle> for skew (Friday, 10 February)

[Bug 15952] New: CSSOM section should define REGIONS_RULE on CSSRule (Friday, 10 February)

[Bug 15947] New: Use 'bounding box' instead of 'border box' (Friday, 10 February)

[Bug 15944] New: Move to Mercurial (Thursday, 9 February)

[Bug 15943] New: Should transform-style behave specially for tables (as it seems to in WebKit)? (Thursday, 9 February)

[Bug 15938] New: Attaching events to content flows (Wednesday, 8 February)

[Bug 15937] New: Clarify that units in the matrices are CSS pixels (Wednesday, 8 February)

[Bug 15934] New: Resolve SVG and CSS parsing differences for transforms (Wednesday, 8 February)

[Bug 15933] New: Terms in WebIDL snippets inconsistently linked (Tuesday, 7 February)

[Bug 15932] New: References missing or out-of-date (Tuesday, 7 February)

[Bug 15931] New: WebIDL snippets need updating (Tuesday, 7 February)

[Bug 15930] New: Issues link broken (Tuesday, 7 February)

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