Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-nesting] request to pick up the css-nesting proposal


> A lot of the "misuse" of existing nesting is based on the fact that it's compiled down to non-nested CSS. These issues go away if nesting is supported natively and never has to be flattened.

But the specificity of nested selectors, in the end, is the same, isn’t it?


.a {
  & .b {}

is the same as writing 

.a .b {}

At least I hope I understood native CSS nesting correctly here. For me this means that the nesting obfuscates the specificity by a lot. With compiled and flattened CSS selectors (if we were to use Sass nesting), at least in the end I can look at what the browser actually has to deal with. It’s more explicit that way.

> Appeal to authority is not how we work.

I know and I certainly didn’t intend to generate that impression with my comment.

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