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== [filters] Proposal: color-filter ==
`color-filter` is a new inherited property that modifies color values used when rendering. It's syntax is similar to the `filter` property, and defines a transform function that is applied to a color.


.foo {
  color: blue;
  color-filter: invert();

This would apply a channel invert to all the colors in properties matching `.foo`. In this case the text color would render as an orangey-yellow.

The set of filters available are the same as the current `filter` property, with the exclusion of those that move pixels (i.e. drop-shadow and blur).


- Efficient because it only applies to color values at rendering time.
- Very convenient way to do a "dark mode" version of your site.
- Applies to color values, including those in gradients.
- Leaves images and emoji untouched.
- No nasty side effects of `filter`
  - No new stacking context
  - Because it is inherited, descendants can change the value

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