Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-fonts-4] font-variant-emoji: Consider broadening to all "color fonts" use-cases, not just emoji PPCP

If this new behavior is used on a non-color font, it would (necessarily) have no effect. Otherwise, (if this new behavior is used on a color font), it would only allow the page author to opt-out of color rendering (because color rendering is the default). So, this issue is asking the question: should we let color fonts render in a non-color mode?

We should not allow color fonts to render in a non-color mode, because the presence of color is intrinsically linked to the design of the font. The design of these fonts incorporates color as an intentional design decision, not as a bolt-on addition.

Some examples off the top of my head:
- [Harmony Color Font](, which incorporates floral patterns around the text.
- [Megazero]( which gives an impression that the computer's RGB display is uncalibrated.
- Every emoji font you've ever seen

Because of this, color font files often have insufficient or even entirely missing outline data. Having an option to render them in non-color form would lead to confused an unhappy users.

Similarly, are no other apps on any other platforms that I'm aware of that let content opt-out of color font rendering. We also have no precedent for a web page to say "Use this font, but ignore table XYZ and pretend you are a dumb old browser which doesn't have great features."

If the goal is to allow page authors to use the `color` property, `SVG` and `COLR` both allow for this.

This is distinct from the concept of variation selectors, which are primarily implemented by font selection, not special tables inside the font file. Selecting a color font vs a non-color font, and rendering each of them in turn with maximum fidelity, is already enough control for authors that I've interacted with, and comes with no unfortunate behavior.

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Received on Wednesday, 21 February 2018 17:03:59 UTC