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== [css-tables] Fixup collapsible whitespace ==
Compat Issues: Maybe

2.1 stated to keep the whitespace if the element next to it would 
generate a table wrapper. Gecko does this, Blink sort of does this but
 has bugs in this space. Edge follows the 2.1 version and will need to
 adjust to match that of Gecko. That said, you can only see Edge's 
interop issue if you remove the UA defaults of white-space.

**Proposed Option:**
Accept new text that aligns with what Blink (although buggy) and Gecko
 already do.

Anonymous inline boxes which contain only white space, are the first 
and/or last child of a tabular container, and whose immediate sibling 
(if any) is a table-non-root box, are treated as if they had display: 


**Browsers Passing Test:** 
Firefox passes
Chrome has an issue with whitespace collapsing

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