[csswg-drafts] [background-4] Add 'limit' to background-size

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== [background-4] Add 'limit' to background-size ==
This is for css-backgrounds-4 (I can't seem to add labels).  Link to 
spec section:

As evidenced by various threads like this one on StackOverflow:

Quite a few people (myself included) would like the functionality that
 **background-size:contain** provides, except that when the image is 
smaller than the container, it should _not_ scale up.  Perhaps we 
could add **background-size:limit**?

I know 'limit' is a pretty bad name for this behaviour, but frankly I 
think this behaviour is best described by the word 'contain' - what 
'contain' currently does feels wrong.  When the image is smaller than 
the container, it is not in fact containing it, but enlarging it.  
Still, if anyone can think of a better word than 'limit', feel free to

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