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I support this proposed work item in the CCG.  Happy to help advance it in any way I can.


Phillip D. Long, Ph.D.

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On Apr 30, 2023, at 6:06 PM, Manu Sporny <> wrote:

Hi everyone, we are seeking feedback on a new CCG Work Item proposal
regarding the uniform display of Verifiable Credentials across devices
and websites. Please leave your support or concerns here:;!!IKRxdwAv5BmarQ!fl8kH5lI-tz2pByZQRg48k_EEsrAbyK4zSribuSlvUX3ynnDECAMuFunid9x-XrYv_r6qVl2A9S_gm0PKVvw2Q$

# New Work Item Proposal

This specification describes mechanisms that can be used to represent
a Verifiable Credential through a visual, auditory, or haptic medium.
It covers rendering a Verifiable Credential to a physical document,
digital image, screen reader, or braille output.;!!IKRxdwAv5BmarQ!fl8kH5lI-tz2pByZQRg48k_EEsrAbyK4zSribuSlvUX3ynnDECAMuFunid9x-XrYv_r6qVl2A9S_gm2XMkPEnw$

## List Owners

@msporny @dmitrizagidulin

Additional Editors would be wonderful! Please volunteer if this interests you!

## Work Item Questions

1. Explain what you are trying to do using no jargon or acronyms.

We are trying to make it possible for issuers to express how they want
the credentials they issue to be displayed in a variety of mediums.
While it's ultimately the choice of the individual on how they want
their VCs to be displayed to them in their digital wallet, it can be
useful for the issuer to provide a selection of choices to pick from.

2. How is it done today, and what are the limits of the current practice?

At present, issuer websites, digital wallets, or verifier websites
decide how VCs are displayed to an individual and it is not possible
to have a consistent visual rendering of the VC across each site/app.

3. What is new in your approach and why do you think it will be successful?

While not novel, merely providing a mechanism for the issuer to
express their rendering preferences, such as an image or an SVG file
(embedded or linked in the VC they issue), creates the possibility of
having at least one uniform method of rendering a VC across multiple
sites and apps.

4. How are you involving participants from multiple skill sets and global locations in this work item? (Skill sets: technical, design, product, marketing, anthropological, and UX. Global locations: the Americas, APAC, Europe, Middle East.)

This is the result of work performed at the last Rebooting the Web of
Trust in The Hague, which brought together a number of people from the
EU, Japan, and the US:;!!IKRxdwAv5BmarQ!fl8kH5lI-tz2pByZQRg48k_EEsrAbyK4zSribuSlvUX3ynnDECAMuFunid9x-XrYv_r6qVl2A9S_gm2oRwEEug$

We hope to gather more feedback from the diverse community in the CCG
as well as during engagements with US Federal, EU, and Canadian

5. What actions are you taking to make this work item accessible to a non-technical audience?

While the specification is technical in nature, the output is meant to
be accessible to a very  broad audience. While we do not expect the
specification to be accessible to a non-technical audience, the
discussion and debate around "What we show people when we render a
VC." is a broad topic that invites commentary from many types of
non-technical audiences such as accessibility specialists, artists,
graphic illustrators, interaction designers, marketing, advertising,
and business executives. This work, when employed, provides a
mechanism for non-technologists to comment on what they see,
broadening the scope of who is providing input to the VC ecosystem.

-- manu

Manu Sporny -;!!IKRxdwAv5BmarQ!fl8kH5lI-tz2pByZQRg48k_EEsrAbyK4zSribuSlvUX3ynnDECAMuFunid9x-XrYv_r6qVl2A9S_gm2m0lRrSA$

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