Value of JSON-LD Data in W3C VCs >>> Knowledge Graphs with UN Web Semantics

Leading the UN Web Vocabulary project, I presented at the December 2022 UN/CEFACT Forum. The UN Forum sessions are not recorded, so I thought I would just capture the main points in this article.

The essential part of my presentation was a live demo, building a supply chain knowledge graph from the bottom up. In doing so, I gradually introduced the full tech stack in play:
·         The essentials of APIs, JSON and JSON Schema
·         Adding semantics with JSON Linked Data
·         Building Knowledge Graphs from LD files
·         The important role of standardized Web Vocabularies<;!!BClRuOV5cvtbuNI!X9QaYaoPJFeKPabaaN5iLkGWKfxKn6br4U7EMWRdGBm--VeHejBn-BfwuPbtswsfgswt$>

This is AWESOME!

And demonstrates what can be done when we actually have access to JSON-LD data!

Well done, Nis and the broader Transmute Team, on making such a compelling and understandable (by normal humans) case for the value of JSON-LD representation when using W3C Verifiable Credentials!

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