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The importance of PQC / Stop using RSA immediately

From: Gabe Cohen <gabe@tbd.email>
Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2023 03:03:46 +0000
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Breaking RSA is now a more real threat than ever!

 We have long known from Shor’s algorithm that factoring with a quantum
> computer is easy. But it takes a big quantum computer, on the orders of
> millions of qbits, to factor anything resembling the key sizes we use
> today. What the researchers have done is combine classical lattice
> reduction factoring techniques with a quantum approximate optimization
> algorithm. This means that they only need a quantum computer with 372
> qbits, which is well within what’s possible today. (The IBM Osprey is a
> 433-qbit quantum computer, for example. Others are on their way as well.)

The importance of hybrid and PQC solutions from DIDs and VCs is extremely
pressing. I know there is some work on post quantum signature type
Is anyone else working on similar systems?

Gabe Cohen

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