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education\ Transcript for 2022-08-29

  1. IP Note\
  2. Call Notes\
  3. Introductions & Reintroductions\
  4. Announcements & Reminders\
  5. Gitcoin Passport with Leon Erichsen (Product Manager, 
    Gitcoin Passport)\
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  Kuo, David Ward, Phil Long, Jacob W, Janko, Andy Griebel, Colin, 
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<kerri_lemoie> Hello!\
<kerri_lemoie> Sounds good!\
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Topic: IP Note\

Topic: Call Notes\

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Kerri Lemoie:  Just started thank you.\

Topic: Introductions & Reintroductions\

Topic: Announcements & Reminders\

Marty Reed:  Yeah can you hear me.\
<colin,_learning_economy> Yeah it is!\
Marty Reed:  Good so just wanted to note the IEEE ilr Ellie are 
  recommended practices group is restarting this Thursday so 
  getting a lot of community updates so just let everybody know 
  that that is happening and if you need tation Colin.\
<colin,_learning_economy> Send me a message!\
Marty Reed:  I'm sure can help you with that.\
<colin,_learning_economy> I'll drop a link\
<kerri_lemoie> q_\
<kerri_lemoie> Plugfest 2 Registration: 
<kerri_lemoie> More info on Plugfest: 
Kerri Lemoie:  I just wanted to let folks know that registration 
  is still open for plugfest to I'm going to put a link to the chat 
  to the registration form our registration is open until September 
  9th at 12 p.m. noon Eastern and this link I'm going to put in the 
  chat to is I like to the information page I'm about plugfest you 
  can feel free to reach out to any of the co-chairs if you have 
  questions about registration.\
Kerri Lemoie:   Ation or if you want to participate in you're not 
<colin,_learning_economy> IEEE-ILR/LER Working Group: 
Kerri Lemoie:  Takes to participate because VC-EDU\ is doing this 
  in partnership with jobs for the future which is jff and so we'll 
  be able to help you get started thank you.\
Kerri Lemoie:  Simone/\ I think you are breaking up.\
Leon: Yeah same here.\
Kerri Lemoie:  The only because I'm not sure if some money can 
  hear us I'm happy to hand things over to you Leon if you want to 
  take over from here and tell us more about your coin passport and 
  I walk us through that.\

Topic: Gitcoin Passport with Leon Erichsen (Product Manager, Gitcoin Passport)\

Leon: Yeah I'd love to thanks so much for the invitation carry 
  and Simona and everyone else I suppose glad to be here so yeah my 
  name is Leon I'm working with a project called good corn and one 
  of the products that get Corners working on is to get calm 
Leon:  maybe just.\
<simone_ravaioli_(vc_edu)> Thx for backing me up ... :-)\
<andy_griebel> I hear nothing\
<simone_ravaioli_(vc_edu)> I do hear Leon\
<kerri_lemoie> I can hear Leon\
<andy_griebel> logging out and coming back in. audio settings 
  check ok as is.\
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Leon: We could make identity less binary or like one-dimensional 
  centralized thing but rather make it you know a function of of 
  like a network of Records or function of like multiple records so 
  say if you are I don't know like if you have a credential that 
  you have a degree in in Psychiatry and you are based in this or 
  that country and you know you've participated and this or that 
  Community only then.\
Leon: Do you get voting rights in our.\
Leon: Could I take funding program around psychiatric research or 
  whatsoever so.\
Leon: The architecture with which you build passport and I'll 
  talk about it is it's basically agnostic to like how you want to 
  score identities but the the you know use case that we are 
  actively exploring our like personal proofs like just verifying 
  the unique Humanity of participants and then plurality through 
  like recognizing the the social cultural backgrounds of 
  participants and then increasing like rewards for cooperation 
  across these differences.\
Leon:  and here's kind of like a.\
Leon: The view of the hmm.\
Leon: Yeah architecture of the passport so basically the passport 
  itself is like it data structure on the ceramic Network which is 
  basically like a publicly readable data storage and then in our 
  case people manage their part of that big database through the 
  did pkh method so basically like you use your etherium wallet and 
  in our case.\
Leon:  case like we take these here.\
Leon: Cancer people use a theorem accounts to to manage their 
  passports on the ceramic Network and at the same time we map the 
  theorem accounts to the IDS through the did pkh method and 
  basically you know we take personal data whether that's like 
  coming from public blockchains or coming from web to platforms 
  organization so you know blockchains cases it might be you know 
  data around you know what decentralized autonomous organizations 
  you have.\
Leon:  participated in or.\
Leon: What's all bonds tokens you hold in web Platforms in might 
  be you know you're followings on Twitter or like the amount of 
  followers that you have and you know organizations like 
  universities obviously could you know issue verify credentials to 
  their students so basically we basically take data and wrap it 
  and verify be credentialed and map them to the passport or to the 
  passport of a passport holder right.\
Leon:  and then as a passport holder.\
Leon: Go to digital applications like it can grants to get voting 
  weights or you know you could I don't know go to a university to 
  get access to the digital library I suppose you know or whatever 
  you know you might need a verify about people so.\
Leon: Cool thing is the whole passport project is open source and 
  with that like free of charge we have an interface that we run so 
  basically an interface for like this.\
Leon: Passport management from like a passport holder perspective 
  where they can claim a set of five credentials that we have 
  curated that will then score on good corn Grant side but you know 
  similarily like you could build an independent front end and you 
  know issue of 05 credentialed say in the educational realm and 
  then scored in whatever way you want to scored using the same 
Leon:  we could also and this is.\
Leon: Lovely exploring now like just arrived another piece of 
  background is like we launched the passport this summer so it's 
  like pretty much an alpha Mode still but we are also working on 
  making our front end for these dids very much compatible with 
  very various use cases so that as a passport holder or person 
  that's in the past what you can like manage a world where you 
  have you know thousands of fiber credentials flowing floating 
  around that were like different credentials would.\
Leon:  be relevant to different applications so.\
Leon: In something like hitting a photo okay what credentials do 
  I need for the Harvard University library and then you see the 
  like set of credentials that you need to claim or that you 
  already have and and this way like by use case you can kind of 
  filter the credentials that you need or that you already have but 
  here we also have it like in progress software development kit 
  I'll send the link to this presentation actually.\
Leon: I said right now so I don't forget yes the Bots will 
  appeared but yeah you can check out the software development kit 
  you can also check out this beginner's guide for developers so 
  someone in our community made basically as you know other 
  projects will come in you know more decentralized applications or 
Leon: Apologies for the crypto slang here you know we'll probably 
  add more users who you know get utility through passports and 
Leon: As more users of their like we'll probably they'll also add 
  more stamps like more data to their passports and that will give 
  even more utility to other applications right because you kind of 
  develop this network effect around around the passport and this 
  way you know basically more apps means more user means one stands 
  guess you get the idea so currently in the last grandson like we 
  run these Grant programs on a quarterly basis because.\
Leon:  you know we have like capital.\
Leon: They like three million dollars and then add one point in 
  time you basically need to take a snapshot of the votes all the 
  donations that came in and distribute these matching funds so we 
  do this on a quarterly basis and then run like two-week-long 
  grants programs the first one where we launched a passport was in 
  July or June where we had about I think it was in June like 
  12,000 signups to the passport as part of that Alpha 
  implementation and then.\
Leon:  then in the next grants round will.\
Leon: With the Twisted we added a bunch of stamps or like stamps 
  here by the way I mean verify with credentials it's our.\
Leon: Ecology for like user Minds to communicate the per fiber 
  credentials and and this way I hopefully making the scoring of 
  the passwords more effective in good congrats but also just 
  giving it more utility and at the same time like we've started 
  like partner application program I'll share some links around 
  that later so if you'd be interested in you know experimenting 
  with passport and your community or application.\
Leon:  you can basically chat.\
Leon: You know you can do it anytime because it's all open source 
  and we have an SDK but if you wanted to do it through our front 
  end on collaboration with us we would benefit because we you know 
  learn from like Partners how we can improve the SDK and how they 
  are thinking about their application and on the other hand.\
Leon: As an application developer you would get more Hands-On 
  support from us then just by consuming the SDK so in September 
  will run grandson 15 and then hopefully by the end of September 
  we ship like 226 partner applications from the various 
  conversation so we are in right now and and then yeah moving 
  forward I guess we'll just explore new use cases within geeking 
  grants you know maybe going Beyond Simple quadratic funding we 
  can do more pluralistic quadratic funding.\
Leon:  I like we use to credentials to.\
Leon: It was between the contributors and then re increase a 
  matching funding for projects that receive like support from a 
  diverse Community as opposed to just like a very homogeneous 
  Community you know like in very simple terms imagine that 
  currently you know we really ignore these relationships right so 
  I have a grant like a project gets many donations from say only 
  people from the theorem ecosystem.\
Leon:  you know that.\
Leon: Kinda and you could chamber of just a theorem ecosystem 
  supporters right but imagine that that we had credentials that 
  kinda would allow us to map these contributors onto a social 
  graph so basically we could see that and maybe mute you know 
  support from homogeneous groups like that obviously it's not 
  that's like simple that it's you know if you remember or Bitcoin 
  or whatever crypto Rick system is the only groups who would 
  consider but you know ideally we could.\
Leon:  actually then increase matching for projects that have 
Leon: Like explicitly the Bitcoin Community is a theorem 
  community members also the verifiable credential Community if we 
  could add another like dimension of diversity to it and maybe 
  check like at which universities these students have studied 
  because obviously like as a I don't know Brown University 
  graduate much more likely.\
Leon:  I guess.\
Leon: To project from a brown student right or like someone in 
  that works in that Brown University spirit so I basically looking 
  at the social context of these credentials we can use that to 
  like promote diversity I think that's one of the like use case we 
  could explore also like just membership right like to participate 
  in this voting program or whatever you need to be a member of 
  this or that community and the credentials could be.\
Leon:  approved for that you can check out the.\
Leon: Face of passport here just as an out we are like the 
  grandson 15 starts on September 7th and we like currently we have 
  like eight data points in there or like 10 that you can verify so 
  and they're not very meaningful to be honest right it's like just 
  do you have a Facebook account yes an hour Syria we send you 
  through the Facebook or Google account yes or no Twitter account 
  yes or no get up account we don't install the account handles 
  like we create basically in encrypted hashes of.\
Leon:  of the account handled so if someone shows up with two.\
Leon: That contain you know to like it whatever I'm going to 
  respectively say that has the same hash we would know okay it was 
  generated from the account handle but wouldn't know what that 
  account handle is but basically we just have these eight data 
  points and by basically the end of this week it will you'll be 
  able to verify up to 61 data points I think some of which will be 
  sub points of existing identity provider.\
Leon:  us so in Twitter's case for instance will not only.\
Leon: They have an account or not but I also like how many tweets 
  you've made in the past and like how many followers you have not 
  exact numbers to kind of protect Pi but rather like okay you have 
  more than 10.\
Leon: Tweets all I'm more than 100 followers more than 5,000 
  followers and so forth likes using like some thresholds and yeah 
  if you want to bring passport to your community obviously at the 
  start of the presentation is my email address happy to chat with 
  you and but you can also use this form here like this form 
  basically populates our backlog of Integrations for new stamps.\
Leon:  as I said you can you know.\
Leon: Verify credentials with the data structures on ceramic and 
  build your own front end but like we use this backlog to populate 
  the verify credentials said we could use and get congrats but 
  will also show the the list here basically to to these partners 
  that we're working with now to to verify identity and their 
  applications if you two want to like utilize passport to I know 
  verify identity in your dish.\
Leon:  little library or like in a.\
Leon: Whatever or I guess there are many other use case we 
  haven't explored yet you can use this form here to to share 
  contacts around your idea and needs and I'd be happy to follow up 
  thanks for the patience and attention and yeah I'd love to 
Leon:  with you.\
Leon: Yep we cut you off as you mentioned the German.\
Leon: I love you.\
Leon: Thanks so much ammonia yeah I think we could benefit from 
  like all like all kinds of applications could benefit from 
  educational credentials like to get access to you know platforms 
  or or just analyzing you know the social context of the people on 
  the platform I think be super valuable.\
Kerri Lemoie:  Hey I think this is really interesting man this is 
  really cool I want to try this out one thing I was wondering 
  about this group we talk a lot about payloads right the the 
  credential subject content and how a verifiable credentials are 
  described and all the standards that exist in education that we 
  are trying to help you get mapped and understood the verifiable 
  credentials so the data so the payload it can be understood is 
  that something at all you guys are interested in incorporating.\
Kerri Lemoie:  Reading this part of this.\
Kerri Lemoie:   And I can't.\
Kerri Lemoie:  More if you're not familiar.\
Leon: Yeah I think I'm not a kind of person sure like what your 
  question is going at but I could I could share how the what the 
  data and the credentials is that we issue.\
Leon: Father like say Twitter stamps also I know.\
Kerri Lemoie:  Yeah it's an ASI and to be more specific in this 
  group we talk about how is an achievement described what is the 
  name of the achievement the description any sort of skills 
  associated with that achievement so we have a lot of like 
  standards and taxonomy is related to that.\
Leon: Cool yeah why don't we.\
Leon: This passport here.\
Leon: Okay so this is.\
Leon: Json of that credential I think.\
Leon: Admit I don't get everything that's in here but.\
Leon: Thing one of one of the keys is that we store this hash ear 
  that allows us to identify whether you know if I would again 
  verify Google stamp with the same Google account that would be 
  the same for example.\
Leon: Yeah I think they only.\
Leon: Provider and for his religious that it's Google like in the 
  context field I guess that might be the claim.\
Leon: Um of it Renshaw so when when someone comes to the 
  application on our end we could you know identify it as a Google 
Leon: As a Google credential does that make sense.\
Kerri Lemoie:  It does make sense thank you for sharing that so 
  this is what it looks like yeah I'd be happy to email you 
  separately and send you some of the examples they made interest 
  your team to see what those look like too.\
Leon: No I'll be awesome.\
Leon: I see how yeah that would be that's definitely something on 
  our mind as well also currently for example with Twitter you know 
Leon: We visited just had to have an account or not but in the 
  next iteration you will basically open to click this and then you 
  open the sidebar and then the other data points that you can opt 
  into is like the amount of followers and like treats that you 
  made but with background like we do this because you know if you 
  have more than 5,000 followers it's like at least bit better 
  evidence that you are a human right and then just having a 
  Twitter account.\
Leon:  but currently we basically.\
Leon: Each of these.\
Leon: It up ons like five or six safe or Twitter we would issue 
  six distinct credentialed to that passport obviously we could 
  also like wrap it all in one and and we are we are basically also 
  trying to figure out like how we split up data into different 
  credentials or like how we you know.\
Leon: Whether we should issue the credentials like as distinctly 
  as possible if you know what I mean.\
Leon: Yeah it'll be yeah I'd love to learn from like how you've 
  thought about this.\
Kaliya Young:  Hi this is more a response to what was just shared 
  and I would just wanted to ask and like why I use the term 
  passport and that the use of the term passport concerns me 
Kaliya Young:  We have conspiracy theorists tracking our work as 
  a community and painting scary stories and I think for.\
Kaliya Young:  We have to be really careful about the words we 
  choose to describe the things we're doing to help so that the 
  public perception is more aligned with our reality so anyway 
  that's just a comment I felt I should voice.\
Leon: Yeah that's helpful thank you yeah I think the the passport 
  branding is not like really set in stone yet it was like so so we 
  could very likely I'm actively explore this with our marketing 
  team that that I kind of leaning leading like all the branding 
  efforts around passport.\
Leon: All like around blank.\
Ted Thibodeau: +1 To drop "passport"; also because governments 
  are interested in VCs in various ways, and confusion will be 
<nate_otto_(he/him)> (For notes, I think the conspiracy theorists 
  are attached to the "vaccine passport" and antivaxx/anti-covid 
  restrictions communities worried about globalists trying to track 
  all the essential data about people and control their lives. I 
  prefer not to live in fear of conspiracy theorists, but it is 
  good to be aware of what detractors are out there, even if 
  they're sometimes woefully mistaken.)\
Leon: Yeah Kelly I just out of curiosity would you be able to 
  like to share a bit more about this conspiracy theorists and I 
  like that the kind of Miss misconception that like brand like 
  this might likely cause.\
Kaliya Young:  Sir yeah well I mean there's a woman named Allison 
  McDowell who is she describes herself as a parent in a parent and 
  she has taken upon herself to.\
Kaliya Young:  You know I think there are real legitimate 
  concerns that many of us in the working on verifiable credentials 
  share about potentially very creepy combinations of technology in 
  the future that impact human Freedom so I think we have more in 
  common with the concern side of why this conspiracy theories are 
  being woven and that they're also putting she's stringing dots 
  together that.\
Kaliya Young:  Have to be strong together including sort of her 
  last video sort of said see look the soulbound tokens for 
  Education they're trying to make every child have to have these 
  tracking of all their things and then they're going to pull them 
  into the metaverse and Destroy any job prospects for the future 
  because the AI is are going to get trained up their day like it's 
  kind of like like no and then oh yeah and.\
Kaliya Young:   She also we were working on legislation.\
Leon: Yeah I'd appreciate it.\
Kaliya Young:  California so it was like look the state of 
  California is going to track all your children anyway so I'll put 
  a link to a video so if you all want to watch but it's she has 
  over 16 thousand followers and we're not paying it like yeah 
  that's not a lot but it's not nothing and.\
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_(OpenLinkSw.com): This floor 
  before you click that link that Clay is about to post be sure to 
  do so in an anima stab you don't want to be sucked into this you 
  don't want it in your viewing history you don't want it anywhere 
  because it will just suck you down a rabbit hole of flawed logic 
  at best and that's what promises beyond that.\
<kerri_lemoie> She's attacked me on Twitter for encouraging child 
  labor practices\
Kaliya Young:  After I have to go find it so take me a little bit 
  but I'll post it before the end of the call.\
Leon: Thank you understand down.\
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_(OpenLinkSw.com): If I made the 
  reason I threw myself on the Queue was actually to Echo the 
  concern over the titling as pres passport that branding it's 
  going to be confusing in a lot of ways and lead you into 
  collisions that I don't think will be beneficial having a 
  non-collision brand is going to be much better for having it have 
  its own identity and not be confused with things and not be 
  dressed down.\
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_(OpenLinkSw.com): Those 
  governments will not be happy for the branding is passport for 
  instance that's it.\
<xander_-_asu/pocket> stamps as verifiable credentials is another 
  duplicte term\
Leon: And also thank Scalia for watching the.\
<brent> For "Passport" branding, I think there's a balance 
  between using language that is technically accurate and using 
  language that is approachable for people who are new to 
<leon> +1\
<timothy_summers> I'd like to learn more about your approach to 
  using the Ceramic network.\
Leon: Do you think it's someone on the queue.\
Leon: Pretty cool cuz it because I would also like to ask 
  everyone here something so because the reason is that like you 
  know while we're building passport we are basically also building 
  like software development kit for like quadratic funding you know 
  that would allow communities to you know run these quadratic 
  funding programs with low development effort and as we're kind of 
  talking to potential.\
Leon: Operators of these applications you know this third party 
  could audit finding apps like many many of these are like 
  communities would often like to gate the right to to vote on the 
  distribution of the matching funds through actually in the like 
  academic credentials so you know I guess like it it makes sense 
  for specifically stuff in the medical sector I you know if you 
  want to distribute funding falling.\
<kaliya> This starts out with SSI - https://youtu.be/JzrFAHwrhVc\
Leon: Seems intuitive to to you know have like medical expertise 
  involved like at least increasing the voting weight of like 
  credentialed Physicians or similar so so my question is kind of 
  how would you.\
Leon: Approach Integrations with like this educational 
  certificate generally like is because I'm like not super familiar 
  like at what state you know the educational VC sector is at right 
  now so would you rather approach like University by University or 
  are they are already like kind of meta networks it kind of work 
  with like multiple universities that you could reach out to or.\
Leon:  yeah curious if anybody.\
Leon: The how to approach that say if we want to credentials 
Leon:  you know.\
<colin,_learning_economy> Sounds like the question is leaning 
  toward how the Gitcoin Passport might handle something like an 
Leon: A physician for example like having like a medicine degree 
  from a school in the US.\
<kerri_lemoie> Leon - I'd be happy to reach out & tell you more 
  about what the Digital Credentials Consortium is up to at MIT -- 
  we have 12 universities participating currently.\
John Kuo:  I just wanted to address the issue of around networks 
  and so there are a number of initiatives in place ASU and workmen 
  want to build my network of what they call trusted Learners let's 
  kind of nascent right now and as far as individual issuers you 
  know ASU has an initiative I know Emmett MIT want has one I'm 
  pretty you know right.\
John Kuo:  Reed's got some stuff going on.\
John Kuo:  Lot of separate pilots and successful issuers out 
  there right now for educational credentials with different types 
  but there's no there's no existing network but there are issues 
  under way so it would be the one at ASU is called the T Ln or 
  trusted learner Network.\
John Kuo:  Sure I'll type it.\
Leon: Let's see could you spell out that link or the organization 
  in the chat please we also thanks.\
<kerri_lemoie> We've been thinking about creating a directory 
  listing of initiatives here at VC-EDU -- Folks like that idea?\
John Kuo:  Again very very early.\
John Kuo: ASU: Trusted Learner Network\
Marty Reed: https://opencredentialpublisher.com/\
Leon: I guess it's kind of like literally like a case-by-case 
  basis right like what type of credential you need specifically 
  and then.\
Leon: It's out there.\
Marty Reed: https://myteacherwallet.com/\
John Kuo:  There's a big development at ASU I'm involved in 
  that's going to be issuing lots of my credentials is VCS for 
  educational records but that's still like in very early pilot 
  phase internally.\
Leon: And also thanks Carrie I saw your comment and.\
Leon: Yeah I'd love to talk about that Consortium.\
Kerri Lemoie: https://digitalcredentials.mit.edu/\
Leon: Now or some other time.\
Kerri Lemoie:  Sure I can see a little bit about the DCCC which 
  the digital credential Consortium and also to let you know that 
  we've seen a pretty big increase over the past year in the 
  projects that and the movement of the projects and a lot of this 
  has to do with people starting to understand what verifiable 
  credentials are and education that that's part of the work of 
  this group is to help people understand and we are thinking about 
  the co-chairs we were talking about how do I print directory.\
Kerri Lemoie:   So folks can find each other working on use.\
Kerri Lemoie:  India for the past year and we're going to be 
  putting Adam a basic recommendation for credentials in education 
  that you could take a look at this is what I can share with your 
  team at some point that will It'll point to their there are some 
  standards and open badges the comprehensive learning record that 
  already are aligned with verifiable credentials and then there 
  are a lot of other data standards with all of these descriptions 
  that we can demonstrate how they make decisions how to include 
  those NPCs.\
Kerri Lemoie:   And at the different credential Consortium what.\
Kerri Lemoie:  Building out software to help with signing and 
  verifying and issuing of the credentials but also an open Wallet 
  like a reference software that says here's what a verifiable 
  credential qualit looks like here's how it can work with some of 
  the the protocol standards like DC API and just sort of like help 
  demonstrate how all of this can work with an ecosystem and then 
  for those who are interested to try and help them get them on 
Kerri Lemoie:  We're pretty heavily involved in this group to 
  help it grow.\
<brent> Kerri is this software something that is open-source that 
  other Universities could fork?\
Kerri Lemoie:  Hope it be more understandable and easier to use 
  over time kind of like we are thinking of doing to I think.\
Leon: Thanks carry on.\
<brent> I like hearing about groups like DCC working on standards 
Leon: Now there's all sounds great I guess it's like most likely 
  all like definitely reach out when some of these potential 
  partners that want to utilize passport or our grants protocol 
  wanna you know gate access to voting weights through some 
Leon: Ropy like like a very.\
Leon: Obvious playing field to collaborate you know.\
Leon: And build Bridges between the like issues of educational 
  credentials and and these passport applications.\
<kerri_lemoie> Plugfest 2: 
Leon: Yeah I just figured and like unfortunately I'll be on 
  vacation at the time of the plug first but maybe we can is it 
  like possible to attend say like for good quality member or is it 
  nice no.\
<tayken_(lef)> We have three separate projects/wallets (using 
  Ceramic). Oss sdk coming soon. 
Leon: Yes yeah I'll pitch it internally as well.\
<colin,_learning_economy> Gitcoin at plugfest 
<kerri_lemoie> email list: 
Kerri Lemoie:  That I was just also going to add to that you may 
  not know about this because I know you're new to our calls that 
  we have a mailing list for this group that is focused on 
  education specifically I'm going to put the link to this in the 
  chat and it's just a blister and so we're doing those who are 
  participating in the bloodfest to send messages on this alien 
  list too so that we learn from each other.\
Leon: But thanks girl.\
<brent> I'll check my cal and see if I can make it 
<kaliya> Her explaining what Silicon Valley has planned for EDU - 
<leon> Thank you!\
<brent> I love demos!\
<kerri_lemoie> Thank you, Leon!\
Leon: I'll try to make it happen through somebody else but yeah 
  thanks so much for having me here today I'd love to open sometime 
  in the future I saw that I'm on the calendar and right now Simona 
  thanks for that.\
<colin,_learning_economy> Thanks, Leon! Keep leading the sybil 
  resistance charge!\
<kerri_lemoie> Great call!\
Leon: Thank you yeah definitely thanks morning thanks everybody 
  for having me being patient.\
<tayken_(lef)> Thanks Leon 
<xander_-_asu/pocket> fascinating technology, thanks for 
Kaliya Young:  Just a follow-up as we close I did put two links 
  into the chat and there's another one that I can't find but maybe 
  I'll share on the mailing list of books can see it.\
Leon: Nice yeah thanks for that clear.\
<tallted> important link that will help you keep YouTube from 
  sending you down the rabbit hole because you watched the videos 
  linked by Kaliya -- 
<tallted> (hoping that makes it into the minutes...)\

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