Re: Request for Presenters: In-Person Presentation of Credentials

On 3/30/22 8:11 PM, Shawn Butterfield wrote:
> Is it truly just the CBOR-LD VC Doc or is it a CBOR-LD Verifiable
> Presentation (wrapped VC) that was serialized into a QR? I'm admittedly
> "new here" so still learning, but wouldn't interoperable verification
> software need the bundle as a verifiable presentation, not the standalone
> credential?

The only QR Code format that VPQR outputs at this moment in time is a
Verifiable Presentation.

That said, there's nothing particularly wrong with encoding a VC in a QR
Code... we /could/ create a "VC1-*" QR Code format for bearer tokens (movie
tickets, venue passes, etc.). However, putting the VC in a VP costs something
like 4-8 bytes in the CBOR-LD payload, so you don't save a ton of space by NOT
putting it in a VP.

I will note that once you have an Ed25519 signature on the VC, you have around
80 bytes for payload (which is quite a bit if you're using JSON-LD types), but
is not a ton of space if you have a lot of URLs or strings in your payload.

That said, we've been able to get some pretty important VC/VP use cases
working w/ some fairly low-end scanner hardware and bad lighting conditions in
the field.

-- manu

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