Re: DID Press Release Testimonials

And from ConsenSys:

ConsenSys are pleased that the W3C has endorsed the DID 1.0 specification  
as a W3C Recommendation. This is an important step toward empowering  
individuals to control their own identity and how it is used.

The DID framework enables an interoperable approach to identity that can  
be based on different platforms, providing cross-network interoperability.  
We value this approach, and the ability of W3C to produce such standards  
to underpin the highly hetergeneous web of today, and of the future.

At ConsenSys we have been working half a decade with this approach in the  
Ethereum technology stack. This can provide an ideal basis for the  
implementation of secure and scalable DID methods, that frees the world  
 from relying only on very large scale providers to manage people's  

We look forward to this work, along with Verifiable Credentials and other  
connected standards, forming an underpinning for the new future we are  
building where decentralised identity management and reputation systems  
give people more control of their online identity.

Charles "chaals" Nevile
ConsenSys Lead Standards Architect

Received on Monday, 18 July 2022 05:59:46 UTC