[AGENDA: VC-EDU] Verifiable Credentials for Education Task Force Call Mon, July 18, 11am ET, 8am PT

TL;DR JFF Plugfest #2 Discussion


Monday, July, 18 2022
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5. Main Topic: JFF Plugfest #2 Discussion

Email from Sharon Leu on June 27, 2022 (https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-vc-edu/2022Jun/0023.html):

Thanks to everyone for a great discussion.  In case you missed it, Kerri recently posted a roundup of the first event: https://kayaelle.medium.com/jff-vc-edu-plugfest-1-892b6f2c9dfb
.  Over the next couple of months, JFF and NGA will also put out a few which include reactions and questions from non-technical observers to this community.  We are really excited by the conversations that this collaboration has generated.  Now that the June 24 deadline for updated demos has passed, we will plan to issue the JFF badge beginning mid-July.

Moving forward:

  1.  Logistics.  We plan to host Plugfest #2 on November 14.  This event will be held IN PERSON in Mountain View, CA ahead of the Internet Identity Workshop.  We think this is an event that most of this community would attend, and it also gives us an opportunity to engage a wider audience.
  2.  Awards.  We plan to offer awards for successful demonstration of interop.  The exact amounts are TBD at the moment and will be dependent on the level of complexity.
  3.  Interop.  Really appreciate the discussion below.  Our team has tossed this around and spoken with a number of people and offer this as a thought on sequence.

Based on the demos from PF1, it seems like many people were able to achieve badge verification (green check) in this exercise, it seems plausible that establishing interoperability re verification might be the logical next step.  However, in the education/workforce use case, there are some nuances of verification that present an interesting opportunity to establish the functional utility of VCs through integrations with relying parties, especially those that are not themselves verifiers.  This will take some time to explore and much discussion both in this community and in developing use cases with willing, relying parties.  For this next plugfest, we will focus on interoperability re issuer.  The exact nature of this exercise is still being developed but we want to do it with everyone together, so we will be hosting a plugfest 2 technical discussion either as part of one of the vc-edu scheduled calls or most likely, at a separate time.  This is important and exciting and we want to scope it right, with your help, so please continue to provide your thoughts to this discussion.

  1.  Next steps.  Stay tuned for info on a technical call in July.  We will share our proposal ahead of this call to give everyone time to give thoughtful feedback, but we want to keep this moving in light of the November target.  We will also be developing instructions for anyone who did not participate in this first plugfest but would like to join the second.

We hope everyone continues to engage!

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