CCG part-time co-op role

Hi all,

There has been great growth in the community recently, including number active work items, new initiatives (Infrastructure Task Force, APAC, etc.), reliance on vocabularies, and global interest. As you may know, CCG chairs serve as volunteers and have limited time to dedicate, even as needs and potential growth of the community increase.

I have a personal choice to either (a) continue a steady commitment and ignore timely opportunities to improve the CCG or (b) find a better way to resource the expansion and flourishing of the CCG. I'm trying to facilitate the latter, and I'm sharing this with the community to help find someone or to receive feedback on this approach.

I am looking for help in the form of a part-time co-op role at my company Spruce. This person would spend their time on facilitating CCG activities mostly in the public. Ideally, the candidate is a student or recent graduate with a semi-technical background (or is willing to learn Markdown, git, and GitHub) who is interested in learning about our ecosystem deeply, and would be able to contribute around 8 hours a week with modest sponsorship. To be frank, it will not pay amazingly well, similar to an hourly undergraduate research assistant position.

For example, they might help with:
- Serving as notetaker of last resort on weekly meetings and spending time to teach other CCG members how to do it
- Cleaning and publishing minutes as a PR for chair approval and merging on a timely basis
- Helping coordinate outreach and follow-up with speakers or the broader ecosystem
- Maintenance items or improvements via public work in the Infrastructure Task Force
- Flagging and bringing attention to community issues that have not received sufficient attention

If you know anyone who would be interested, please send me a direct email or just forward them this one. Thanks!

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- Wayne

Received on Tuesday, 9 March 2021 14:54:50 UTC