Re: California Digital Vaccine Record based on VCs

Hi Team.

unrelated but related sidebar...

A privacy conference next week is asking for 'Vaccination Passport'
material for an audience of ~3k, with assets/recordings available
thereafter to all. A lot of the audience will be decisionmakers/authorities
that are right now pressured and asked how/when/if their org should checks
for their staff/consumers/students for vax and that want more info to help
them decide.

   - TARGET: US corporate Privacy experts, some CIO/CISO types, most more
   policy oriented than technology geeks. Mid-large size orgs.
   - NEED: eligible for distribution, simple (1-2 slide), ideally brand
   agnostic materials consumable to the noted non-geeky audience that tells a
   history of VC/creds and W3C, the wild-west status of networks adopting and
   not adopting either public/private networks, and a few named examples of
   different types of health/vaccination passes/ids.

... anyone interested in helping/providing, or know of open resources that
might help? There is no pay but I CAN promote the work of this group.


On Fri, Jun 18, 2021 at 1:11 PM Heather Vescent <>

> May be of interest:
> SMART Health Card Framework:
> To achieve this purpose, the founding members of VCI™ have collaborated to
> develop (1) the SMART Health Cards Framework Implementation Guide based on
> the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Verifiable Credential and Health Level
> 7 (HL7) SMART on FHIR standards, and (2) the SMART Health Cards:
> Vaccination & Testing Implementation Guide.
> If you are in California, you can get your vaccine record here:
> (The system seems delayed for me.)
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