Re: California Digital Vaccine Record based on VCs

Though it is not the right long-term solution, Blockchain Commons released
today "Gordian QR Tool" which stores and encrypts QRs to your iPhone or
Mac's trusted enclave, rather than to your camera roll. We originally wrote
this app to help with evaluation and regression testing of our various UR
and airgap scenarios, animated QRs, etc., but I've also recently used it to
store my own 2FA otp seeds so I can restore auth on another device, store
covid travel documents (I just visited my Mom in USVI and they use a QR and
say "take a screenshot"), and now of course the new CA Vaccination Record.
We felt others might find this tool useful. It is $5 in the app store to
support our advocacy, but also completely open source so you can compile it
yourself for free.

Twitter Thread:

Our long term goal is to fully support various QR-based airgapped scenarios
for issuing, signing, receiving, and verifying VCs in a number of our
upcoming reference apps for our developer community, but as these are still
emerging standards Gordian QR Tool is at least useful in the meantime.

-- Christopher Allen

Received on Thursday, 24 June 2021 14:40:04 UTC