Attempting to block work (was: Re: VC HTTP Authorization Conversation)

On 6/10/21 10:48 PM, Adrian Gropper wrote:
> I'm obviously missing something, and instead of explaining it to me

I'll try to be as delicate as I can, so please take this as advice from a
friendly colleague:

No one owes you an explanation.

People are going out of their way to try to explain it to you, but no one in
this group should be under the impression that the group owes them an
explanation on anything.

If you don't understand something, the burden to learn it is on you first and
then, in a very distant second and third place, your colleagues and then the

That said, there have been multiple attempts... and I'm sure we'll all keep
trying, but coming into a work item and stating that you're going to "block
work" until someone explains it to you is not acceptable behaviour.

I'd like you to reconsider your approach.

> people are just shouting louder and louder at why I need to get out of the 
> way of progress.

What you're experiencing is frustration from people that have spent the time
and money to learn what the VC HTTP API does and doesn't do, implement
features, submit use cases, and in general "do the work". We now have an
individual entering the work that is insisting that the group take a
particular direction that almost every implementer in the group (of which
there are 7+) disagrees with and stating that they're going to block the work
until their issue (which is ill defined) is addressed. Even worse, that
individual has not implemented any of what they're proposing and is expecting
others in the group to implement their proposals.

This is not a recipe for a good engagement with any community.

Again, you may want to reconsider your approach, Adrian.

-- manu

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