Re: Invitation: VC HTTP API Work Item Call - Thu, 3pm - 2021-04-29

Thanks Manu!

This is great-- these 7 Proposals (which I've numbered in your quoted 
email below) definitely structure well the conversation for this work 
item in the coming weeks.  I think this week, we should focus on:

- A.) the timing/order of operations proposals 1, 2, and 3-5. I would 
argue pinning down the UCR stuff and scoping should maybe be a first 
pass, so that UCR can be refined in parallel with the picking official 
editors for the normative parts of the spec and deciding the structure 
and relation to other specs .

- B.) Editorship: As mentioned on last week's calls (apologies again for 
my connection issues) I am happy to commit time and be accountable for 
the UCR document(s), readme's, etc in this transitional period. Eric 
Shuh (Legendary Requirements) has offered to assist/contribute 
substantially, and CCG veteran Joe Andrieu (Legendary Requirements, 
ex-CCG chair) has offered to mentor/advise/teach ropes. If others are 
willing, let them step forward! I would also be interested in helping 
with the dicey issue of Holder APIs if this gets split in 3 as per 
Proposal #3 but am way too new and green to be accountable for the whole 
overarching API, it's relationship to the vocabs, etc etc.

- C.) Timing of future calls, if time allows. Lots of contributors in CET!

- D.) I opened issue [#180][] in case it helps to start there, as per 
proposal #2:  - the google doc is open, and not definitive in any way.



On 4/27/2021 6:54 AM, Manu Sporny wrote:
> On 4/26/21 12:01 PM, Manu Sporny wrote:
>> The purpose of this meeting is to make progress with the VC HTTP API Work
>> Item.
> Here are the remaining proposals (or some variation of them) that we may
> discuss on the upcoming call. Anyone interested in the work should feel free
> to add concrete proposals to this list.
> PROPOSAL 1: Create documented data flow diagrams and place them in the Use Case
> document.
> PROPOSAL 2: Use Juan's Use Cases and requirements document as a starting point.
> PROPOSAL 3: Create 3 VC HTTP API ReSpec specifications (e.g., Issuing,
> Verification, Presenting) in addition to the existing OAS file.
> PROPOSAL 4: Create 1 ReSpec specification in addition to separating the existing
> OAS files into modular components.
> PROPOSAL 5: Restructure the OAS into multiple json / yaml files, reusing JSON
> Schema and Tags.
> PROPOSAL 6: Identify a Lead Editor and 1-2 supporting Editors for each major
> section in the specification.
> PROPOSAL 7: Identify a single Lead Editor for the work item, and define their
> responsibilities formally.
> -- manu

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