Re: Invitation: VC HTTP API Work Item Call - Thu, 3pm - 2021-04-29

On 4/26/21 12:01 PM, Manu Sporny wrote:
> The purpose of this meeting is to make progress with the VC HTTP API Work
> Item.

Here are the remaining proposals (or some variation of them) that we may
discuss on the upcoming call. Anyone interested in the work should feel free
to add concrete proposals to this list.

PROPOSAL: Create documented data flow diagrams and place them in the Use Case

PROPOSAL: Use Juan's Use Cases and requirements document as a starting point.

PROPOSAL: Create 3 VC HTTP API ReSpec specifications (e.g., Issuing,
Verification, Presenting) in addition to the existing OAS file.

PROPOSAL: Create 1 ReSpec specification in addition to separating the existing
OAS files into modular components.

PROPOSAL: Restructure the OAS into multiple json / yaml files, reusing JSON
Schema and Tags.

PROPOSAL: Identify a Lead Editor and 1-2 supporting Editors for each major
section in the specification.

PROPOSAL: Identify a single Lead Editor for the work item, and define their
responsibilities formally.

-- manu

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