Re: Vaccination Certificate Test Suite

On 4/8/21 6:54 PM, Steve Capell wrote:
> Whilst on covid certs, can I ask whether anyone has compared the w3c 
> vaccination vocabulary against the recently released WHO data model ?

That is what this test suite does. It maps the WHO data model onto the
Vaccination Certificate Vocabulary. They are as close to one and the same that
we can get right now.

> - is one easily mappable to the other?

Yes, the Vaccination Certificate Vocabulary is designed to express the WHO
data dictionary. Not everything is aligned just yet, but the intent is
certainly there and we'll be updating it to track what WHO produces in their
second release candidate.

> - is there an intent to update the w3c vocabulary so it is the same as the
> WHO data model?

Yes; again, the goal is complete alignment.

If we do this correctly (and we're already pretty darn close), the Vaccination
Certificate Vocabulary will be able to express everything the WHO is intending
to express with their data model.

-- manu

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