Re: Vaccination Certificate Test Suite

This issue is a start towards incorporating the WHO's data model into the
vaccine vocab data model:

ICD codes come with the additional bonus of already being RDF/JsonLD.

There are other terms the WHO wishes us to use that can be found in the
dictionary xml doc in their repo:

in particular here:

I have not made an issue for that yet, been a bit busy with the
interoperability tests and how to visualize them

On Thu, Apr 8, 2021 at 8:29 PM Manu Sporny <>

> On 4/8/21 6:54 PM, Steve Capell wrote:
> > Whilst on covid certs, can I ask whether anyone has compared the w3c
> > vaccination vocabulary against the recently released WHO data model ?
> That is what this test suite does. It maps the WHO data model onto the
> Vaccination Certificate Vocabulary. They are as close to one and the same
> that
> we can get right now.
> > - is one easily mappable to the other?
> Yes, the Vaccination Certificate Vocabulary is designed to express the WHO
> data dictionary. Not everything is aligned just yet, but the intent is
> certainly there and we'll be updating it to track what WHO produces in
> their
> second release candidate.
> > - is there an intent to update the w3c vocabulary so it is the same as
> the
> > WHO data model?
> Yes; again, the goal is complete alignment.
> If we do this correctly (and we're already pretty darn close), the
> Vaccination
> Certificate Vocabulary will be able to express everything the WHO is
> intending
> to express with their data model.
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