RE: Decentralized Identity and Product Design/UX Q&A Session, Next Wednesday at 12 PM ET

>There's a fairly clear need among aligned groups (e.g. T3 Network<>, OET<>, etc.) for open, public infrastructure that enables rapid/iterative prototyping and informed resource allocation.

So, let us have that conversation!

I also have a concrete suggestion on where/how best to have that conversation …

As a bit of background, SVIP just finished the contract awards for all the existing companies who moved forward to the next phase of their work w/in SVIP and the new companies who are joining our portfolio to work a variety of problem sets all leveraging the DID/VC ecosystem  (Not going to share those names right now, as you will know them soon enough, as we like to highlight each company individually via a press release).

We will be meeting with them as a Group in late October, to discuss a variety of items including:

  1.  To begin the scenario planning needed for the SVIP hosted follow-on multi-vendor, multi-platform interoperability plug-fest for around the 1Q of 2021 (Building on top of what was accomplished earlier this year)
  2.  Expectations regarding contributions to the community infrastructure needed to move the work forward on the interop front (Contribution/Expansion of the Test Suites, Credential Samples, APIs, Common data elements and more)
  3.  Expectations of engagement in the global technical community (W3C, DIF etc.) to work on the interoperability of VC/DID/SSI Systems

On a separate, but parallel track, I’ve also had multiple one-on-one conversations with both companies and organizations globally about how best we can work together on technical interop.

An idea that I’ve socialized with many of them, to which there has been active and positive feedback, has been to host an event to bring together the companies in the SVIP portfolio with other companies/organizations with products to discuss and plan an “expanded” interop plug-fest with additional scenarios. i.e. We would use that day to define additional interop scenarios that will be part of a future “expanded” plug-fest in the future.

SVIP plans to host and set the table for this discussion for the folks I’ve spoken with already on Friday, October 30, 2020 as part of our Cohort meeting i.e. with the folks w/ real products who are ready and willing to test their products via a real multi-party, multi-vendor interoperability using both test suites and n X n testing.

However, if there is broader interest, I am happy to work with the W3C CCG leadership (if they see value to something like this) and others to see how best we could expand the scope of the discussions to include more implementers.

Happy to discuss, if appropriate, on a future CCG call as well.

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Anil John
Technical Director, Silicon Valley Innovation Program
Science and Technology Directorate
US Department of Homeland Security
Washington, DC, USA

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