Re: [PROPOSED WORK ITEM] Citizenship Vocabulary

I'm fully supportive of this, but wondering about the mechanics.

There are a number of other vocabularies that are related to DHS SVIP,
including vocabularies related to supply chain traceability and proof of
origin for steel, timber, oil, and agricultural products.

Today, many in this community make use of:

Many of the W3C CCG vocabularies use the perma-id redirection service,
which gives them nice names, for example:

I am wondering if there is a more general opportunity for W3C CCG to define
a best practices guide for handling this, or drive towards more consistency.

It seems we have a couple of options, we can keep making individual
repositories or we can make a single repository for all vocabularies
developed for DHS SVIP.

Since the default will be to keep doing what we have been (which I am fine
with), I will make the case for a single DHS SVIP vocabulary repo.

There are a number of advantages for co-locating the vocabularies,
particularly for discoverability, consistency and driving contributor

1. Better SEO for DHS SVIP or (or supply chain)

Individual vocabularies are still possible, but vocabulary re-use is easy
to encourage:

2. Easier to share vocabulary

There may be cases where common terms are shared across vocabularies or DHS
SVIP topic areas, in these cases they can be defined once and imported by
all vocabularies:

Possibility to share some JSON Schema  / SHACL files for things like
physical address, postal address, and organizations.

3. Easier to enforce consistency

With more contributors defining the submission requirements, reviewing PRs,
it's easier to ensure that vocabularies look and function similarly.

To argue against a single repo for DHS SVIP vocabularies:

1. Contributors may see more activity in areas they are not directly
involved with, this might feel like a request to do more work (even if we
agreed no review / feedback was required).
2. There might be too much contribution (too many issues, comment threads,
pull requests)... speaking from experience, I think this is
incredibly unlikely : )
3. Easier to get free labour from others. Sometimes helping is hurting /
encourages learned helplessness.

Speaking for Transmute, we are really grateful to have the citizenship
vocabulary as a guidepost for the traceability vocabularies, and would
happily help maintain the citizenship and other vocabularies if they were
co-located, we already help maintain the security vocab. If the community
decides we prefer to have separate repositories for each dhs svip
vocabulary, expect a similar proposal for a work item for steel
traceability soon :)


On Fri, Sep 25, 2020 at 4:33 AM Melvin Carvalho <>

> On Thu, 24 Sep 2020 at 21:24, Manu Sporny <>
> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> As many of you are already aware, the US Department of Homeland Security
>> United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (DHS/USCIS) has been
>> operating a program through the DHS Silicon Valley Innovation Program
>> (SVIP) to create a digital version of the Permanent Resident Card (aka
>> Green Card) based off of the W3C Verifiable Credentials global standard.
>> As a part of this work, companies that were involved in the work
>> coordinated to build a Verifiable Credentials extension that was capable
>> of addressing the use cases contemplated by DHS/USCIS. The result of
>> that collaboration is here:
>> The Citizenship data model was then put through a series of
>> interoperability tests earlier this year to ensure that it led to
>> technical interoperability that was provably testable:
>> Based on the success of those initial interoperability tests, the
>> Editors of the specification (from Digital Bazaar and Secure Key) would
>> like to request that it is added as an official W3C CCG Work Item.
>> I have opened the request here:
> +1 upvoted on github too
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