Wyoming Legislative Discussion on Digital Identity & SSI

Today, the Wyoming "Select Committee on Blockchain, Financial Technology
and Digital Innovation Technology" https://wyoleg.gov/Committees/2020/S19
had a public meeting, with a major agenda item today on Digital Identity.

I am a member of the Digital Identity sub-committee and thus was invited to
be part of the discussion (along with invited experts Dazza Greenwood,
Clare Sullivan and Scott David).

This discussion was quite interesting, with some very knowledgeable and
informed state legislators because of successful past Blockchain
legislation (19 passed bills!). The video is at
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2yMs_I5Sn0 starting at about the 2h39m

We began with a discussion of an initial draft for a legal definition at
but the discussion went much further, including some desire by legislators
to consider making a legal definition of Self-Sovereign Identity.

If you have feedback on this discussion, you are welcome to offer public
testimony at the next meeting (currently schedule 11/2), or I can share
your thoughts with the members of the sub-committee at our meetings in the
meantime, or you can share your thoughts directly with Select Committee
co-chair & Identity Sub-Commitee chair Chris Rothfuss <

— Christopher Allen

Received on Wednesday, 23 September 2020 20:28:23 UTC