covid-19 immunisation record as a pair of VC - does anyone have an example?

Hi team,

I'm working on an example of a covid-19 immunisation record for
cross-border travellers and wondered if anyone had an example.

For the VC to be acceptable as proof to the arrival country, i think there
would need to be two separate proofs:

   - VC-1: That the identifiable subject DID-X (with passport number 123)
   was vaccinated by physician issuer DID-Y
   - VC-2: That physician DID-Y is accredited by authority

Verifier process would be something like

   - confirm holder is the subject (check /scan passport)
   - confirm subject is vaccinated (VC-1)
   - use issuer DID-Y to discover VC-2
   - confirm issuer is accredited by an authority trusted by the arrival
   border control (typically a .gov domain in the issuing country)

will do an example of this with an SG govt style open attestation - maybe
with oracle as issuer approach.  would be nice to do another one with W3C
VC - maybe with the trust chain discovery approach.


kind regards,

Steve Capell

Received on Wednesday, 9 September 2020 22:56:28 UTC